02 September, 2015

Donut Worry, September Kit of the Month

Ever so trendy, every so delish!  This DONUT set and its perfectly punny sentiments are sure to get your stamping juices flowing!  Soooo...What's in the kit?

*One complete- exclusive stamp set called DONUT WORRY
*Inspiration/Instruction sheets for each of the four cards featured in the photo above.
*FOUR card kits (precut diecuts, printed and solid cardstock and embellishment packs to help you complete four perfectly yummy cards!)
*A supply list of materials used to help you plan future cards and projects

All this for the sweet price of $24.95 plus tax and priority shipping. When you sign up for a Kit of the Month subscription through MY shop, I'll also send you an additional FOUR card kits for FREE on or about the 15th of each month you subscribe to the KOTM club.  Remember, the KOTM is a six month rolling commitment-so after six months, you can continue to subscribe or unsubscribe if you wish. 

Won't you JOIN me on a Kit of the Month Journey?  DONUT WORRY will begin shipping the first of September.  Sign up on the FIRST of SEPTEMBER to get it in your hands!

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