14 October, 2015

Are you Ready?

Ready to Become a Coach?

Whether you want to build your own business, foster new relationships, or just get great discounts on products, the Journey Coach opportunity is for you! As a Journey Coach, you will enjoy:

Product Discounts: Get 20% off retail pricing, plus the opportunity to save even more with promotions and volume payouts.

Generous Compensation: Not only do you get an instant 20% off your orders, but also the opportunity to earn commissions and bonuses on your downline.

Tools & Education: Exclusive access to a library of project inspiration, tutorials, and business building tools.

Relationships: Connect with friends and family, and foster new relationships as you conduct workshops and attend exclusive events.

Recognition: As you expand your business and promote within the organization, you will enjoy special recognition for your achievements & leadership.

We have three options!

Blooming Business Kit
•Shoulder bag
•Hostess forms (10 pack)
•Order forms (10 pack)
•Catalogs (box of 8)
•Workshop invites (10 pack)
•Replicated Site

YOUR cost: $69.99 plus shipping/tax

Blooming Starter Kit

Includes everything in the Blooming Business Kit, PLUS:

•Rolling Tote
•Greet and Shout Stamp Set
•Banner Party Stamp Set
•Birthday Sketch Stamp Set
•Damask Print ATS Stamp
•Pennants Die Set
•2oz Bottle of Journey Glaze
•Stamp Cleaner
•White Liner Tape
•Journey Twine (Natural)
•Journey Sparkle Dust
•Whip Cream Card Stock (25 sheets)
•Black Licorice Card Stock (25 sheets)
•Assorted Card Stock Pack (24 sheets)
•Ink Pads: Black Licorice, Sweet Berry, Blue Lagoon & Pineapple Smoothie

YOUR cost: $149.99 plus shipping/tax

Blooming Grand Kit
Includes everything in the Blooming Starter kit PLUS a Journey Grand Die Cutting Machine and Plates

  • Greet and Shout stamp set $21.95
  • Banner Party stamp set $17.95
  • Birthday Sketch stamp set $17.95
  • Damask Print stamp $7.95
  • Pennant dies $19.99
  • Journey Grand Die Cutting Machine & plates $139.99
  • Journey Glaze 2oz $6.95
  • Stamp Cleaner $5.95
  • White Liner Tape $4.95
  • Journey Twine (natural) $5.95
  • Journey Sparkle Dust $5.95
  • Whip Cream Card Stock (25 sheets) $6.95
  • Black Licorice Card Stock (25 sheets) $6.95
  • Assorted Card Stock Pack (25 sheets) $6.95
  • Ink pads: Black Licorice, Sweet Berry, Pineapple Smoothie and Blue Lagoon $31.80
  • Rolling Tote & Shoulder Bag $199.99
  • Catalogs (8 in a box) $40
  • Hostess Forms (25 in a pack)$6.99
  • Customer Order Forms (25 in a pack) $6.99

Total Kit value OVER $500

YOUR cost: $199.99 plus shipping/tax

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