28 October, 2015

Journey Girl Jewelry

Fun Stampers Journey’s Journey Girl jewelry line is not only beautiful, but also brings another opportunity to showcase your creativity. Whether you create a piece with any of our beautiful pendants, plates or charms, or fully customize by incorporating cardstock, stamps, dies and embellishments, the Journey Girl jewelry line is a great way to share your journey. 

What sets the Fun Stampers Journey Journey Girl Jewelry collection from other build your own charms necklaces is that your necklace is 100% completely customizable. You can create and recreate your pendants to fit your mood, your style, your outfit!  It's all about sharing your journey and getting your craft on!  Stamp, die cut, color, splatter, paper piece, layer, use your favorite crafting techniques to make gorgeous jewelry this uniquely you!

Need that perfect accent to for your new top,  punch out some Citrus Cooler add some fun embellishments and you have your own stylish necklace.  Or want to add a little sparkle?  Add one of our blinged out cubic zirconia domed plated to make a bold statement!

Add a pop of color to any locket by adding a piece of cardstock in any of our 44 exclusive colors or any of our printed papers. Simply punch out a circle using our 11⁄4 inch punch (TO-0014), place it on an accent plate, and voila! Instant fun! 

All pieces within the Journey Girl jewelry line are high quality rhodium plated and the gems used in the lockets and plates are genuine cubic zirconia for brilliant sparkle! Add charms to your locket to show off your personality, capture a memory, or simply because they are so cutie patootie! Stamp, die cut, punch, craft and design to your heart’s content. Make amazing happen with your locket!

Contact me your Journey Coach to host a party or to shop now!  What kind of jewlery piece would you create?  Comment below!

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