11 November, 2015

Craft Room Purge - Mystery Box Sale

My Daughter is attending a trip with her school, where they are allowed to Fundraise and encouraged to do so to afford the trip  on their own. This is one way we are fundraising for this trip, to make it a bit more cost effective for our family. The school is NOT offering fundraising for this trip, meaning they are not setting up school sponsored fundraising.

A History Teacher has put this trip together and requested of his fellow teachers who they would nominate to go on the trip, my Daughter was one of those nominated.

Caitlin is a Junior in High School, this would be her first trip with her school the only thing she has been excited about since 8th grade and I will sell and de-stash whatever I have to so my Daughter can attend this trip! {mama bear love}

She is hoping to attend a 12 day trip to Berlin, Krakow, Dresden, Prague and Budapest with an extra day in Vienna. This of course is not a low cost trip, it is with the tour company EFTours.com click the link to learn more about EFTours company. This is not just a FUN trip but an education al tour, they will surround themselves in the History. 

Travel through the Iron Curtain and World War II to Gothic cathedrals and ancient cities that are now more vibrant than ever. 

Berlin mixes historical significance, rich culture and an exciting cosmopolitan energy. Prague, which escaped the bombs of World War II, woos you with old-world charm. And in Krakow and Budapest, two of Europe's most underrated cities, architectural gems await around every corner.

I am purging my craft space and I have the ultimate grab boxes available.  In your box you will receive items such as:
12x12 paper (pattern/solid)
81/2 x 11 paper (pattern/solid)
Paper Pad
Stamps (clear/wood/cling from various companies)
Ink pad
Sizzix Die
and the kitchen sink...LOL

This is a perfect gift for the crafter in your life or the crafter who is beginning.  
ALL items are 95% never used and in great condition

$45.00 shipped in the U.S.


Students return home inspired, confident and more connected to the world around them. But this isn’t the end of their journey—it’s the beginning. The memories, experiences and discoveries they make abroad will continue to shape their perspective, as well as their future. It’s why we make leading a tour so easy—to ensure that more teachers can give their students the opportunity to experience the world.

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