28 December, 2015

Be Amazing Tour!

5 amazing stops on our Be Amazing Tour!  

We hope that you will join us for one of them! 

 It’s going to be spectacular! Each stop will include three parts: 
  1. Journey Coach training on Friday from 1-4pm, 
  2. an Opportunity Meeting for potential coaches on Friday evening, 
  3. and of course the main event – an all-day session on Saturday packed with hands-on projects, demonstrations, giveaways and of course lots of food!  

  • Pomona, CA - March 11-12
  • Dallas, TX April 1-2
  • Bloomington, MN July 29-30
  • Virginia Beach, VA August 26-27
  • Orlando, FL November 11-12
I am hoping to be a part of the Orlando Tour myself.. I hope to see you there!

1 comment:

  1. Wow that would be cool if I seen you for next year. I have plans to move to OR next year. Will see what the Lord has for me. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family!!


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