29 December, 2015

Bloom this Way & Pre-Orders

Bloom This Way - Mini Catalog January - March

So much FABULOUSNESS coming out in January!

I can hardly contain myself! I am sure you have all heard about the partnership with Websters Pages and Fun Stampers Journey, we are releasing 2 different planners and inserts in January!

 JD-0001 Journey Girl Binder (Black and White) & JO-0002 Be Amazing Binder.

 Pre-Order your Planner Today: Email Me

  •  Journey Girl Binder JD-0001 
  •  Be Amazing Binder JD-0002
  •  Journey Girl Divider Kits JD-0002 
  •  Be Amazing Divider Kit JD-0003 
  •  Monthly Calendar inserts JD-0011 
  •  Weekly Calendar inserts JD-0010
        What else is coming in 2016? Amazing BRIGHT, Cheerful and FUN Colors as well as Product! - SO EXCITED

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