09 January, 2016

Amazing, Opportunity

Are you thinking of joining Fun Stampers Journey?
Are you interested in joining a great bunch of Coaches?

If so now is the time to join! The AMAZING January Promotion, $99 Starter Kit 
offers the option to Customize the kit and includes the Journey Grand Die Cut Machine! 
Choose the stamps, die and ink pads you want in your kit!
 There is even an additional add-on option!   

This is a budget-friendly way test drive Fun Stampers Journey (FSJ) and earn discounts and benefits. There’s no risk or obligation to spend another dime!

As an additional incentive for joining My Team, you will receive a free stamp and ink pad from me as a thank you gift. 
Those who sign up from January 9th – 15th. 2016  will also receive a free die.
All of this FREE additional product just for signing up with me!!

Fill your wish list at a minimum 20% discount: Once you join, you can stock up and save 20% or more on your favorite FSJ paper, stamps, inks and tools PLUS earn more free and discounted products through FSJ Bloom Benefits and special promotions.

Be first! Receive catalogs and an opportunity to preview and purchase new products in advance–one of my favorite benefits.

Earn extra money and/or free products! FSJ offers a fun opportunity to share your passion for stamping and earn extra income and product. The choices are yours!

No risk. From the time you join through the end of the first full FSJ quarter you can “test drive” Coach discounts and benefits. 

No penalty to drop! If you reach $150 in sales by the end of the first full FSJ quarter, you remain active Coach for another quarter. 

If you don’t reach $150 in sales, you can “drop” with no penalty.


There’s no obligation to host workshops or parties, sell products to others or personally purchase anything beyond the kit!


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