02 March, 2016

Product Spotlight

Creating stunning projects couldn’t be easier when using our cascading dies.
Two Options Available: 
Cascading Stars (DI-0146)

Cascading Hearts (DI-0145)

-Place cascade insert onto lower portion of the cardstock and run through machine – rote the die and place on the upper left portion of the cardstock and run through machine once again 

-Create a stencil using our Color Splashes, or inks (sponge) – example of this technique can be found in the video link below

3 Creative Uses:
Create Backgrounds and Embellishments
-Tip: For perfect cuts, run the frame through first, then lay the cascade insert piece on top of the frame die cut and run through machine again
-Tip: When cutting the cascading (detailed portion of die) use wax paper to make separation easy
-Tip: Separate the individual stars by snipping them apart using your detail shears to create individual embellishment pieces
-Create a unique Scrapbook layout by only using the center cascade portion of the die
The Cascading Hearts die is perfect to send a greeting of love and could make an especially beautiful wedding card or scrapbook layout.

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