02 June, 2016

Anchors, Koozies and Cricut

My blog has been quiet for a bit because I have just been overwhelmed with life, it happens right?

My youngest is ending her Junior Year tomorrow, I don't think I am ready for that. Fun Stampers Journey is having their 2nd Convention which I will be attending and I am not even close to being ready for it. My 9-5 job requires that I take a state exam on Monday which I need to re-study for so that I am ready for  that.. The scrapbook Expo is this weekend I was thinking of going up on Saturday and then enjoying some free time at Universal Orlando.. It really depends on how much I get done though, I still have a swap to complete some of the can koozies to complete and to decide what I am going to do in regards to room arrangements at convention.

Ok..whew glad I got that all out! I was busy these weekend cutting these wonderful Anchors out for my Husband, then I had a few requests from other people and I said of course.. So I have a small pile of orders for these Anchors to complete as well.

I really love the Cricut Brand transfer paper, I received some in a Mystery box that was cut at 12x12 and is PERFECT!

I hope everyone enjoyed the Memorial weekend, welcome to the Short Work Week, so short that tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Happy Crafting! When I return and possibly while I am at convention I will be sharing some peeks of New Items to be in the catalog and of course all of the fun! <3

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