22 June, 2016

Creativity with more than Paper

So I have been asking my Husband for over a year to buy me a blasting cabinet and threatened to purchase one on my own when he was living in Virginia for a year.. Needless to say I had no truck no way to pick one up so I never did..

A couple months ago I saw one listed on Craigslist and my Husband went to check it out.. Well used/loved still had life left in it and best is my Husband talked him down to $50!! What!

This Keyring for my Daughters Teacher was my first go at etching with the blasting cabinet..

Then my husband complained I didn't put his name on his cup for him for Fathers Day so last night I etched his cup from Sams Club (similar to a Yeti).  He was really happy with it, which made me happy!

So lets take a look at what I have worked on non papercrafting the past month along with the above projects.

Have you been crafty? What have you been creating?

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