16 August, 2016

Coloring Craze

Yes, good shoes take you good places! And our top-quality crafting products can help you make amazing. Use our new Journey Color Burst and Journey Color Splash pencils for your next project. Join the color craze and grab your tins!
These pencils are so much fun. Our Journey Color Burst pencils are wax pencils with an oil base that create a soft creamy look. The Journey Color Splash, our watercolor pencils have a rich pigment. Both pencil tins are based on our Journey color families.
Yesterday, Richard Garay posted a live video demonstrating these fun new tools. If you missed it, visit our Facebook page to watch him create this super cute Thanksgiving project. Quick tip: blend the Journey Color Burst with a touch of baby oil and use the Journey Color Splash with our blending brush.

Play with color! Your options are endless. Use them to create Slice of Life inspired projects, or an encouraging adventure card like this Good Shoes Card.

Color in your entire background with Journey Color Splash pencils like the Thankful For Card above, or use them to lightly add a touch of color like this Good Shoes Card. With these pencils you can add colorful detail to the new Traveling Shoes Stamp.  

The possibilities are truly endless. Join the color craze now and show us your projects #fsjcolor Facebook @FunStampersJourney Instagram @FSJourney

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