07 November, 2016

Planner Bundles

Are you a Planner? Fun Stampers Journey is offering a 15% discount on Planner Bundles throughout the Month of November, save money this month and start Planning! Fun Stampers Journey offers 2 Different planner styles, A5 and Personal Planners through their partnership with Websters Pages.

Shop the A5 Planner Bundle: http://bit.ly/2eOGCCd
Shop the Personal Planner Bundle: http://bit.ly/2eFOetr

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1. Binder ... choose 1 of 4
2. Divider Kit ... choose 1 of 3
3. Calendar ... personal size includes 12 month and weekly view
4. Stamp Set ... choose 1 of 7 stamp sets
5. Accessories ... choose 1 of 9 (elements, clips, tape etc)
6. Bookmark .. choose 1 of 2 bookmarks
7. Bling ... choose 1 of 7 charms
I do have a pdf form for the buffet choices. If you would like a copy, e-mail me and I will send it to you. Also when you go to my business website to order, the options will be shown there too.
All are in the Be the Journey Trends Mini Catalog starting on p.12

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