05 December, 2016

Birthmas Day 5

Let's Talk Planners

With the NEW Be The Journey Trends Mini Catalog Release
we have 2 NEW Planners A5 size
a New Citrus Personal Planner and
and a Bronze Traveler

I will be posting a video on my Planners and my NEW A5 I just purchased!

 Here is the Bronze Traveler used a mini Scrapbook/Journal isn't this fabulous?

I love that Fun Stampers Journey has this FABULOUS partnership with Websters Pages.

5 Personal Planners
Journey Girl {Black & White}
Be Amazing {White}
Citrus Binder {Orange Citrus Color}
Pretty Gold Personal {Gold, like a Rose Gold color}
Bronze Traveler {Bronze} - more of a journal does not have rings

2 A5 Planners
I Heart Days {Silver with Hearts}
Brushed Cool Pool {Cool Pool}

Journey Days Craft Mate  {White}
Divider Kits
Calendar Pages

Dies that would work well with the Planners
Every Day Tag Set

Keepsake Die

Fun Sleeve Die
Notebook Page

Journey Days Love Tab

Journey Days Star Tab

Journey Days Create a Tab

Tab Clips Die Set

*Created by Make Amazing Designer Patricia Roebuck

Receipt Pocket Die

*Created by Nikki Turnour

Do you plan? How many Planners do you have? What is your go to for planners?
I am NEW to planners and still getting use to mine..
I'd love to see what you are doing with your planner so leave a link below if you have a post on planners.


  1. Oh these are so pretty! I'm still new to planners too but I do like the 365 create planners and the sayings on the inside!

    1. 365 Planners huh? I will have to look into that! I started with a personal planner and realized it just didn't fit my needs so I moved to the New A5 planner.. Also what I love about these planners is the partnership with Webster's Pages.. These Planners are created by Webster's Pages.. <3


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