15 December, 2016

My First Crop

Things I have learned as an introvert attending my first Crop EVER!! (yes eva!!)


noun  in·tro·vert 

Definition of introvert

  • : a shy person : a quiet person who does not find it easy to talk to other people

1: Bring Projects, probably more than you think you need
2. take some of the classes
3. bring extra cash
4. bring a FRIEND!! or Meet someone you know at the Event

I went to this Crop as a Birthday Gift to myself also because it was at a Hotel Near Universal Orlando.. (which I happen to LOVE)

I get there realize I left a few KEY items at home, find the closest Michaels and then go back to the Hotel and check in. .. My room is ready, BONUS!
I drag my bags and check in for the crop in the Conference Room and realize everyone is paired up and or grouped up.. I take a seat at an empty table in the back..

I spent the first several hours of the session from walking around at the vendor booths, to stamping coloring, pulling items out etc.. I did talk to a few Vendors.. had lunch .. then I left and went to Universal Orlando..I was there at the parks for a few hours (watched Grinchmas) had a quick dinner went back to the Hotel.. I went back to the Crop Event, either it thinned out or people had went to bed for the night (it was 8pm).. my back table I previously had was now taken up by the co-ordinator so I took the front table.. I stamped several sheets of images/sentiments that had coordinating dies so I would have something to do the next day.. My Vendor Buddies had left so I really had no one to talk to.. I did step out of my shell and speak to the ladies across from me.. but I didn't want to keep them from their crafting..

The next morning I had breakfast at the the Hotel and went into the Crop, took the same Front Table now being occupied by someones phone blaring Christmas music and not good Christmas music..
I started on my die-cutting. After lunch I cut out of there again as it was my birthday so I headed back to Universal to check out the Parade and eat at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium..

Delicious Chocolate Brownie Shake from Toothsome..

So my rules for my next Crop:
1: Bring Projects, probably more than you think you need
2. take some of the classes
3. bring extra cash
4. bring a FRIEND!! or Meet someone you know at the Event

Nothing against the coordinator or the people in attendance.. This is an all me and I still had a wonderful time.. I did not win any giveaways, the food provided was delicious I spent the time the way I wanted to..though I was mad at myself for forgetting my box of card kits I wanted to get caught up on, which is why i was struggling to find something to occupy my own time with, completely my fault..

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  1. How adventuresome of you to go! I went to a day event at a local craft store once. It was a 'bring whatever you want to work on' day. I think it was from 10am til 4pm, if you wanted to stay that long and use their tables, etc. Most of the other people there were regulars who attended before. I felt so out of place.... couldn't wait to get out of there! I knew a couple of ladies there, but they sat together at their regular spots and I ended up at a different table where I didn't know anyone. I didn't take the right things either, so I was really unprepared. A specific project to work on would have been a good plan. At any rate, I did not go again! I agree that going with a friend would have been much better!


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