16 January, 2017

Dino Love by Richard Garay

I am so excited to share our new Bloom This Way Trends Mini Catalog with you. It’s full of super cute stamps and dies perfect for Valentines’ Day, Easter and other Spring occasions. I highly encourage you to explore it for fun inspiration.
You’ll get to know more about my family. As you already may know, my family is very much a part of my creative life. Like me, they love to celebrate all occasions. This year, I asked them to join me as we bring to life the Bloom This Ways Trends Mini. My three youngest sons and beautiful wife are each featured at the beginning of a catalog section with their personal connections to the new designs.
Each new piece has its own design story. Like Dino Love featured on this card. This stamp set is very special and unique. 

I’m so proud to share that this special one was designed by my second eldest son, David.  

I love when my family gets involved in the artistic process. We worked together to figure out a concept, and he came up with the artwork.

He drew, he stamped, he punched and he colored to bring the images to life and present amazing inspiration for the new set.

 “I had so much fun designing it and hope to design more in the future. I hope you like!”  - David, 17

Dino Love is perfect to great the cutest Valentines’ Day Card for that someone special in your life. Be sure to grab this Dino Love Stamp Set now. I just know you are going to love it. 
Enjoy the Journey - RG

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