01 March, 2017

Watercolor Card One Sheet CS & Video

Using One Sheet of Whip Cream Cardstock I show you how to create a watercolor card using the Timeless Imaginations Bundle by Fun Stampers Journey.

Watercolor Card using one sheet of cardstock

Take your whip cream cardstock (8.5x11) and cut the card stock in half (4.25x11) Fold one of those pieces in half (4.25x5.5)

The second half of the card stock, cut in half and you will have 2 (4.25x5.5) pieces
Gather your supplies: containers for water, paint brush, journey splash, heat gun

Add your journey splash to your containers of water 2-3 sprays depending on how rich you would like the color

Using the first 4.25 x 5.5 cardstock paint your design using the watercolors
Use the heat gun to dry the cardstock

Using the second 4.25x5.5 piece of card stock ink up your image with Black Licorice ink for the first card I used Timeless Imagination stamp

stamp the image on the card
line up the co-ordinating die and die cut your sentiment

Watercolor your select words or entire image using the same process for the background

Adhere the cardfront to the card base, using foam adhesive squares adhere the sentiment to the cardfront

Take your Bubble Gum satin Ribbon and tie a bow around your card.
**voila you are done** I did trim .25-1 inch from the Card front before adhering it to the base

The additional pictures are of other cards created using the same technique.

The first picture shows the difference when using Journey Color Splash sheets vs. the last Photo using Journey Whip Cream cardstock. 

Download the Tutorial HERE

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  1. I am looking for any of the die cut and stamp bundles for the Disney Magical Inspirations that was available in 2016. Do you have any sets that are available to sell?
    Shari Staggs


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