16 May, 2017

How to Earn Bloom Benefits

Earn free product! For every $50 you spend, you can get a free Bloom Benefit of your choice.
Choose from any of the 4 listed in the new Spring into Summer Trends Mini or any of the 9 listed in the 2016-2017 Inspiration Book & Catalog.
How do you get to $50 and become eligible? It’s simple. Browse through your catalogs and start creating your wish list. Then contact a Journey Coach to purchase your items. Let’s use this What a Melon Treat Box project as an example.
Treat boxes are so much to decorate. You can use them for multiple occasions from a birthday gift, a holiday grab bag gift, a party favor and more. Add the Treat Box Die to your shopping cart. 
Now grab your favorite cardstock colors. Whip Cream Cardstock is very common on projects. Then you’ll definitely want to add a solid color to your projects, like Bubble Gum Cardstock. We also suggest having a print paper pack, like our new featured Backyard Prints, ready to use. Our print packs include many different types of prints you can use as backgrounds or to die cut.
Guess what?! You’ve just earned 1 Bloom Benefit.
Let’s keep going.
After stamping an image, how do you like to color it in? This can be done with a variety of our projects. For the What a Melon Treat Box, our Journey Color Burst pencils added a rich pigment to really bring that watermelon to life. Give the image texture by stamping and coloring on the Color Splash Sheets. 
It’s time to add embellishments to your projects too. Ribbon and thread are always fun to give a handmade card or gift its finishing touch. Sweet Candy Drops add that super cute element too!
Guess what?! You’ve earned another Bloom Benefit.
Before you check out, you can choose 2 Bloom Benefits. Now you can finish the project by choosing the What a Melon Stamp ATS and coordinating What a Melon Die as your freebies.
It’s that simple! Be sure to contact a Journey Coach today to start shopping.
Supply List: What a Melon AT-0234| What a Melon Die DI-0308| Treat Box Die Di-0006| Backyard Prints PP-0042| Journey Color Burst pencils JM-0077| Color Splash Sheet| Black Licorice Ink Pad IP-0041| Bubble Gum Cardstock| Whip Cream Cardstock CS-0040| Black Licorice Gingham Ribbon AC-0096| Bubble Gum Journey Thread AC-0130| Sweet Candy Drops AC-0275| Journey Glaze AD-0002| 

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