14 July, 2017

Lookin Sharp

Hey everyone.. What a crazy crazy month it has been and we are barely into the middle of July!
I was able to get crafty last night while prepping for my MeetUp Stamp a Stack class.

I decided to try and re-create a card that was demonstrated by Dan Arwine at Fun Stampers Journey convention in June. Dan used watercolor pencils, unfortunately since most of my Craft Room is packed up (we have sold our house and are in the process of purchasing another house) I created the look using markers.

I stamped the Cacti using Black Licorice and added the sentiment at the bottom of the card in black licorice. 
 Now let's color!
then I colored the desert ground brown making sure to color around the sentiment, added the sky using the blue and colored the cacti using green.
I then took grey and went around the cacti and under them to create some definition as well as a shadow. The final step was adding some gold silk and sparkle silk.

Voila! Finished Card!!

 I can't wait to unpack and find my watercolor pencils and re-create this with the soft watercolor look. Fun Stampers Journey has so many coloring options other than just using your ink pads, Color Burst Pencils, Water Color Pencils, Acrylic Paint, Re-Inkers and Pan Pastels just to name a few.

Don't miss the Bringing Paper to Life Blog Hop tomorrow!

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  1. Wow. Although this one card is simple but looks much impressive. Thanks for sharing the best idea for DIY.


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