01 February, 2018

Wonder Awaits in February

Hello February! 

Wow January just seemed to FLY by! Fun Stampers Journey has alot of FABULOUSNESS happening in February.

New Month New Bloom Box: Spread Happiness
You can sign up for a 6 Month Subscription or purchase the Bloom Box as a one time purchase.
This Bloom Box also has a matching die that can be purchased.

6 Month Bloom Box Subscription
AlaCarte Purchase
Bloom Box Die Purchase

Customer Special
Mystery Box 2.0

If you'd like to get a surprise in the mail full of your favorite things, paper crafting supplies, then I have the PERFECT sale just for you! 
During the month of February Fun Stampers Journey is selling and giving away Mystery Boxes full of paper crafting products! 
There are two ways to get a box. 
Order a Box for $25 and get a Mystery Box full of $100 worth of products. 
Use code: #MB-0002

Or you can place an order  of $100 or more at my online store and get a Mystery Box worth $50 for FREE! 

Here's an idea, you could order four $25 Mystery Boxes and get a Free Mystery Box!  Every box is different but when ordering multiple boxes there is a chance you'd get a duplicate. 
CHECK YOUR BOX!!!!! Your Mystery Box maybe one of 5 that contain a GOLDEN UNICORN!!!

If you get a Golden Unicorn then you have won a Journey Girl bag full of FSJ product!!! 

Shop for your Mystery Boxes HERE

NEW Kit Options: Have you thought about Joining Fun Stampers Journey?
Join as a Journey Coach and choose 1 of 4 Kit options, receive 20% off your Crafting Purchases.
For More information read HERE

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