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Now is the perfect time to become a Fun Stampers Journey Coach!

How Much is the Starter Kit?
3 Starter Kits to Choose from.
You can Join Fun Stampers Journey for $49.99 - $199.99 depending on the kit you choose.

More perks when you join…

Once you join…”stock up and save”!

  • Enjoy an everyday demonstrator discount of 20% (or more, up to 40%).
  • FREE  Web, coach locator!
  • 30% off your first order placed over $150.00.
  • Private Paper Crafter Blooms Facebook page.
  • 1:1 coaching as needed from your awesome upline, Me!

How do I sign up?  Is there a lot of paperwork and does it take long to get my Journey Coach ID and Password?

It is very easy to sign up just click Join Here Below!

  • Fill in your personal information.
  • Select the Amaze Starter Kit, or if you want to go for the Big Kahuna, pick the Blooming Starter Kit for $199.99, you will get the Journey Platinum Kit.
  • Customize your starter kit – select all your products
  • As an Option, you can also add the Basic Tool & Adhesive Option $43.15 (which is a 30% discount on the products) ( This add on pack of accessories will get your business going even faster.  It contains an Easy Glide Adhesive Runner, four clear acrylic blocks of varying sizes (C,D,F,I) Journey Foam Squares in small and medium, and a pair of our Details Pro Shears.  An over $59.00 value!  Add on now and get 30% off retail (10% more than your regular Journey Coach discount!) this also counts towards your Quarterly Minimum.)
  • The next option is do you want the rolling tote and computer bag?  (not a requirement)
  • Enter Payment Information
  • Set up your replicated website (all you have to do for this is to enter what you want it to be called) – NO SPACES I just added my getinky after the
  • Complete your order.

Once you have selected the products you want in your kit, created your password, your website link, and submitted payment you will receive an email with your Journey Coach ID Number.  You will also receive 30% off your first order placed over $150.00!

Do I have to do workshop, parties or events?

  • No, you don’t have to do events. As long as you reach $150 in sales by the end of each calendar quarter, you’ll automatically renew and will be considered active for another quarter.

I’ve decided I don’t want to be a Fun Stampers Journey Coach after all?

Once you receive your starter kit there really is no obligation to remain a coach if you receive your kit and decide you don’t want to be a coach simply stop ordering; it’s that simple.  No calls why haven’t you ordered or why haven’t you done a workshop; no HASSLES!  You can stop being a couch at ANY time.

How much do I have to order to remain a Fun Stampers Journey Coach?

You need to submit a min. of $150 in orders a quarter.  The Fun Stampers Journey quarters are (Jan. Feb. Mar.) (April, May, June) (July, Aug. Sept.) (Oct. Nov. Dec.)  So what that means is you have 3 FULL months to get $150 in orders in.  You can put it in all at one time or spread it out; they don’t care how the orders come in as long as they are over $150.

What is the Fun Stampers Journey Coach Discount?

Fun Stampers Journey Coaches always receive 20% off.  Plus if your sales are over $350 in a month you will receive an additional 5% back from Fun Stampers Journey.  This will be deposited in an account you specify when you first sign in to the Fun Stampers Journey website as a Coach.  You can receive up to an additional 20% back from Fun Stampers Journey based on your total sales for the month.  So you have the potential of getting 40% off depending on your monthly sales.
I welcome, and want, YOU to join my team. Hobbyist, Business Builders ... whatever label you give to yourself ... you have a home on my team.

Having a team of people who share in your passion is the icing on the cupcake!
That's why I want YOU. This team wants you. FSJ wants you. 

Happy Stamping!
Heather Flaherty
Executive Leader #225

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