RG Presents

Registration opens May 22nd!

How to Register 

Register for this virtual event by pre-ordering the RG Presents: Journey Holidays Bundle BD-0325. This bundle includes:  
Please note: any items ordered with the RG Presents: Journey Holidays Bundle will be held for shipping until June 26th. If you need any items sooner, please order them separate from the bundle

Only those who purchase the bundle will receive the private video link. 

Additional Supplies  

Be sure you have everything you need. We compiled a supply list of items you'll need to follow along with our project demonstrations as designed. Download the additional supply list here.
Please note: any items ordered with the RG Presents: Journey Holidays Bundle will be held for shipping until June 26th. If you need any items sooner, please order them separate from the bundle. For ordering assistance please contact a Journey Coach. Shipping can take between 1-2 weeks. Please plan accordingly to be sure you receive all your supplies on time.

Frequently Asked Questions:   

  • Will the products from the bundle be available separately? 
    The bundle items will be released in the Journey Holidays Trends Mini Catalog, which will officially launch August 1. These items will not be available separate from the RG Presents Bundle prior to that date.
  • Does the registration cost listed above include shipping? 
    No, shipping and taxes will be added at checkout.
  • When is the last day to register?
    June 26th is the last day to register.
  • Can I watch the event recording at a later date?
    The entire video will be available for registrants until July 16th at 11:59pm CDT. The recording will be down after that time. Please note: it will take about 6 hours for YouTube to process the video for viewing post-show. We will also provide small featured snippets of the demos to registered attendees.
  • If I miss this event, will there be another opportunity?
    While we won't air another Journey Holidays segment, we have another RG Presents online events scheduled for December 2nd that will include items BEFORE they launch. 
  • Do I need specific technology to view this event?
    Viewing will be easy! The event will be broadcasted on the FSJ YouTube Channel. You will need access to the internet / YouTube. We will email you with a video link residing on the FSJ YouTube channel.
  • Will I be able to ask questions during the demos?
    Yes! We encourage you to ask questions. Our live video will include a chat field. To comment in the chat you must sign in to your Google Account, and then you will be able to speak with other attendees, the Journey Crew and our presenters. A step-by-step guide with technical tips will be included in your bundle kit.
  • If I invite friends to watch with me do they need to register too?
    Yes. Every person will need their own products and card kits to participate.

  • Who is Richard Garay and the Journey Crew?
    Richard Garay "RG" is the President and Co-Founder of Fun Stampers Journey. This organization is comprised of a corporate office full of an enthusiastic team, ie the Journey Crew, who help bring Richard's vision to life.

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